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Hot Tub Wiring & Installation

hot tub installation

Your hot tub installation and wiring project is carefully handled by a skilled electrician who is also a licensed electrician, safety certified professional that will respect your home and property.

When wiring a hot tub it is important to know that each make and model is different and wiring for a hot tub can change from manufacturer to manufacturer. At Electrical Service Pros we have worked and maintained almost all brands and makes of hot tubs.

Our hot tub installation service includes all necessary parts and labor to ensure safe operation and years of enjoyment, which includes:

  • Confirmation that your current electrical service can safely supply the necessary power to your hot tub
  • An assessment of the manufacturer and type of hot tub to determine electrical materials and tools
  • Your verification of placement and positioning of the hot tub
  • Install and configure all wire, conduit and hardware needed to make the electrical connection
  • Install appropriately sized breaker (typically 50 Amperes, 240 Volts) installed in main electrical panel
  • Install correctly sized disconnect (GFCI protected) within sight of hot tub
  • All necessary wiring, conduit and hardware from GFCI disconnect to hot tub
  • Connection of wiring to the hot tub
  • Verify and check all connections to ensure your hot tub is safely grounded
  • Restoration of power to all circuits that may have been shut off during the electrical installation
  • Your complete satisfaction

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