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What Is a Surge Protector, and Why Should Your Home Absolutely Have One?

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When it comes to keeping your home, your valuables, and yourself safe, you are lucky to have a bevy of installations to pick from to help in that endeavor. And one of the best installations you can provide for your home is a surge protector!

If you are a recent homeowner, then you might be asking yourself, “What IS a surge protectors? And do I REALLY need one?”

To answer your second question, absolutely YES! And we can explain why as we answer your first question:

A surge protector is a device used to do just what it sounds like it would: protect you from surges. In case you’re unfamiliar with the term, a surge is a sudden spike in electricity. Such a spike can occur for a couple of reasons:

Devices in the house start up or shut down, diverting an unusually high amount of electricity to other devices in your home. Something will damage the transformers outside your home. This can be a stray lightning bolt, falling tree limb, or wandering critter.

Whatever the cause may be, it can result in some pretty nasty problems — unless you have a surge protector to help prevent those problems from happening!

Not sure what those problems are or if they’re significant enough to justify the expense of having a surge protector installed in your home? If so, just read on and learn from our guide to some of the more common (and more harrowing!) issues you might experience because of a power surge:


In these modern times, electronics are a necessity. You need your coffee maker to help you wake up in the mornings, your computer to handle your bills and work, your television to help you relax at the end of a long day — plus many other devices.

Your electronics are not only necessary: They can be quite costly as well! Because you need to use your electronics every day and because they are oftentimes so expensive, you need to take any steps you can to protect them from being fried by sudden jolts of electricity.

And one of the best steps you can take toward that goal is to get a surge protector installed in your home. If the most damaging threat to your electronics is an electrical surge, then it makes sense to prevent that threat by preventing those surges with a quality surge protector!


Of course, your electronics are not the only thing that can suffer from a power surge, nor are they the most important. After all, should a sudden power surge strike, YOU could be the one bearing the brunt of its damage!

You can always replace that coffee maker or computer. It might be expensive to replace, but it IS replaceable. You, on the other hand, are NOT. If a transformer blows and sends a surge through the outlet you happen to be using at that very moment, your goose could be cooked!

Don’t get cooked — get protected! And you can get and KEEP yourself protected from dangerous power surges by getting a surge protector installed in your home!


Electricity can do more than just fry electronics and shock you. Sometimes, it can even flambé your entire home and everything in it! After all, if a jolt of electricity singes some of the wiring in your wall, that wiring could quickly catch alight and, just as quickly, spread throughout your home!

If you think a fried coffee maker is bad, wait till you have a fire blazing that you can’t even get to with a fire hydrant because it’s inside your walls. Before you know it, your whole home could be ablaze!

Don’t put you life and everything you’ve worked for at risk. Instead, stamp out that risk by having a surge protector installed. No surges equal no burnt wires. No burns wires equal no fires. And no fires equal a safe, happy home for you and your loved ones!


Does a surge protector sound like the best thing for you and your home NOW? It most certainly should! And if it does, your next step is having your surge protector installed by an experienced and reliable professional.

And if you live in or around the Westfield area, then that electrical service professional should be Electrical Service Pros! Experienced, reliable, and dedicated to high-quality work, we at Electrical Service Pros can promised to keep you and your valuables THOROUGHLY protected with a quality surge protector!

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