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Tips On Upgrading To Energy Efficient Light Fixtures

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Lighting technologies have been changing quickly over the last decade. In fact, it’s predicted that the LED lamp market will grow by a whopping twelve times over the next decade. These improved light emitting diode fixtures and bulbs can save a significant amount on the home lighting portion of your electric bill. Because of new technologies, low voltage lighting can now produce as much illumination as the old power hogging types. No longer think of low voltage lighting as only useful for a garden bed or sidewalk lights. Whether you need a super bright spotlight for security or some amazing landscape lights that change color, you have many options in the amount and type of illumination you need and all in low voltage fixtures.

Lighting Upgrades For Energy Savings

Take advantage of the most advanced light sources, fixtures, and controls today and you could be saving up to 30% of your lighting costs. Saving energy no longer means putting up with lights that aren’t bright enough. Today’s options come in a variety of fixture styles, lighting types, and functionalities. You have a whole slew of options to choose from.

Installing Additional Lights

Today’s energy efficient light fixtures allow you to reduce the load that lighting puts on your air conditioning, ventilation, and refrigeration. This can be vital to your electrical system load capabilities to where you don’t have to upgrade the electrical panel box or install additional circuits in order to install additional lights.

Energy Efficient Lighting For Aesthetics

Light dimming is an important technology that has been around a long time. Many of our restaurant customers use this technology to control the amount of light in various places throughout their home. This technology is built into the light fixture today for wireless control, or you can still install the old light dimmer switches. LED lights that change color will often produce a softer light for mood setting. You can install these fixtures in the bedroom or around the pool and landscape for increased mood enhancing aesthetics. Quality lighting makes your home a pleasant and inviting place.

Energy Efficient Lights For Safety & Security

Safety and security are important for everyone in your home. Exterior lighting of today often uses LED or HID technologies. These highly functional lights allow you to light up large areas of your property for safety and security.

Energy Efficient Pole Lighting

Illuminating your driveway, sidewalks, and patio area are important. You can install an energy efficient pole light which will illuminate all these areas. Pole lighting gives you the most light possible because the fixtures with a strong bulb are placed on a tall pole, reflecting downward and outward. It will completely illuminate in all downward directions. Some pole lighting is fixed on shorter poles along walkways for safety or aesthetic appeal. These shorter pole light fixtures tend to be decorative by nature and offer just enough light to see several yards. A lantern light situated on top of a short pole is an example of this type of fixture.

Yes, Please Hire An Electrician To Upgrade or Add Light Fixtures

Light fixtures should always be installed or upgraded by master electricians who have the ability and skill to service them. The problem with working on the electrical system yourself or asking an unlicensed friend to do it is that a problem can occur at any time. You can do a google search on Faulty Wiring Electrocutions and see scores of stories about people who died months or years later. You’ll find even more about house fires starting due to improper electrical work. You will hear many electricians telling you to only let a licensed, trained person work on your electrical system. We don’t keep repeating this so we can get your business. Respectfully from our Massachusetts electricians at Electrical Service Pros, Inc., please make sure that person you choose to do electrical work on your home is qualified.

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